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Hello again!

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Opportunity Cost

Today I failed to wake up early.

Having 5 glasses of shochu was enough to knock me down…

Yesterday, I got a call from my old sempai to go out to drink together.
It's been years since we met last, and so I wanted to see him to learn business environment around him.
But I knew I have to study hard for the exam at home, and that yet we’re gonna drink like a fish.

I made a quick calculation

GAIN: information of environment in a certain field of financing business
LOSS: about 4,000 yen, maybe.

And I applied the notion of opportunity cost (BEC)

Opportunity Cost: certain amount of knowledge that I was supposed to acquire by studying for 3 hours.

Then I thought,

So I went out to drink with him.

There I learned a lot from him, and drunk as much…

This is how I failed to wake up early in this morning ( > _ < )

It was good that I got a lot of news from him.

Now, how should I catch up with the huge opportunity cost that I had paid…
by nn_77 | 2006-11-02 07:20 | >BEC | Comments(2)