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   One of the beginner level questions is about how to account for the difference between BV and FV of Held-to-Maturity securities, Trading securities, and Available-for-Sale securities.
It’s easy to understand the concept, but it’s not as easy to put it down in words.
   I found a good English example of the explanation in Willey 2006. The use of a preposition “WITH” is very neat and nice, which I assume a non-native speaker of English like me would hardly come up with, although we have certainly learned that use of “WITH” in a high school grammar class when preparing for univ. entrance exam. ( I remember I taught it to my students when working as a part-time teacher at a private cram school! )

   Following is an excerpt of that part from Willey.

1. Held-to-maturity securities, which include only debt securities, are reported on B/S at amortized cost without adjustment to FV.

2. Trading securities are reported at FV with holding gains or losses flowing through the income statement.

3. Available-for-Sale securities are reported at FV with holding gains or losses reported as a component of other comprehensive income.
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