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Hello again!

by nn_77
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Fatuous(?) Technique for the exam

I'm leaving for Hawaii to take the USCPA exam tomorrow.

I'll list up some techniques I'm thinking of trying when I'm actually sitting for the exam.


This is really difficult one. Many candidates say it's waste of time to use much time on this part because it is highly unlikely that you can find what you really want in the limited time of examination.

I agree.

But, when I tried the Sample exam, which is provided by the test center, I found the correct answer by picking out "AR topical index."

Since it's an index page, it enlists so many items, but those words you previously entered into research box are highlighted, and so you can find out the necessary topics with the right number of AR.

Unfortunately, it seemed that there's no topical index page for AU.

By the way, please note that you have to "split" the window vertically or horizontally before you copy the part you choose; otherwise the copying function doesn't work. (This is the tip I got from MS.weiwei. Thank you so much!)
by nn_77 | 2006-07-30 06:20 | USCPA (general) | Comments(0)