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Hello again!

by nn_77
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Tuesday, March 21th, 2006
-------AUD:8/1  BEC:8/2   FAR:8/3  REG:8/4

*I have only 130 days to go before USCPA exam!

  I have determined one rule, which I think would be important now that Anjo Kansai School is going to be closed with its premium study room. The rule is “Never GORON (lie down for relaxation).”

  As is often the case with many Japanese homes, Tatami mats are laid in the living room of my apartment. And it’s very comfortable to lay myself down on the floor just for a change. But it’s hard to get up to study again once you get too much relaxed in such a manner. So, I decided not to lie down in my room except when I sleep in the bed. I started the rule today and it worked. Usually, I sit down on the tatami mats for a short break after a meal, which always turn out to be a longer break than I expected. But, today I didn’t sit down on the tatami, and just kept sitting on the chair of the dinning table. After a literally short break, I moved to the desk to study. For now, the rule is ostensibly working effectively! I’ll observe this rule till the exam dates come in August.

  Today I reviewed the topic of Purchase Money Security Interest and the rule of Priorities from REG (Business Law). As usual, I made an example story to understand this notion. The parties that appear in my story are Microsoft, NEC, Joshin-denki, ○×bank, Consumer1, and Consumer2. It’s fun to try understanding such an arcane notion using such an easy-to-understand model!

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