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Oligopoly? (BEC)

Saturday, March 18th, 2006
-------AUD:8/1  BEC:8/2   FAR:8/3  REG:8/4

*I have only 133 days to go before USCPA exam!


  It's March 18th today. The red "n" point on the above scale is getting closer to the X day little by little...

  Today's news below reminded me of a topic from BEC, again.


  The banking market in Japan is often said to be "OVERBANKING," a Japanese English word that means "too many banks in a market."

  But when it comes to the megabank field, it could be said to be in the state of OLIGOPOLY, which is a topic we learn in the microeconomics part in BEC. As we learned in this topical area, we can observe the PRICE LEADERSHIP phenomenon in the above news.

--(QUOTE: ----------------------------------------------
ANJOインターナショナル '05/4~'06/2 CPA3受験対策Ⅳ 1-49ページ)より

Price leadership is typical in oligopolistic industries. Under price leadership, price changes are announced first by a major firm in the industry. Once the industry leader has spoken, everyone else in the industry matches the price changed by the leader

  So, today's news indicates that Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ is the price leader among Japanese megabank oligopoly, because SMBC and other major banks seem to follow the movement.

  Kinked Demand Curve, however, doesn't apply in this bank account case, because your time-deposit account in a bank is liability to the bank; you are a creditor, and the bank is a debtor when you are a depositor. So, in a sense, depositors' account in a bank is a kind of Direct Material to the bank, which would be converted into a form of the fund for various types of loan. Thus, the Quantity of the time-deposit account is determined not by banks, but by the depositors.

  Everyone anticipated this rise in the interest rate of the bank accounts because the interest rate of JGB is increasing day by day these days. But the interest rate of loan is also going up as well...

  Well, I hope the economy of Japan (and especially that of Kansai area) will keep on improving!
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