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68 Days before 日商簿記1級

NIKKEI NET 日経新聞社 2007/04/02 (07:00) の記事を引用


 利用指針は2日に公表する。減価償却は企業の製造設備や建物などの資産について、毎年の価値の減少分を損金として計上できる仕組み。製造設備の場合、資産ごとに2年から25年までの法定耐用年数が決まっている。 (07:00)

I found an article on Nikkei News Paper today, which is similar to the one cited above, which reports that National Tax Agency (Japanese IRS) is promoting policies that facilitate taxpayers’ application process to shorten the depreciation period of assets acquired. The shorter the depreciation period is, the more deduction can be count in the calculation of the taxable income, which alleviates the tax burden.

(By the way, if this increased amount of deduction cannot be count as expense in the income statement, the book income would exceed the taxable income, which I suppose would generate Deferred Tax Liability.)

One of the things that business entities in Japan are moaning about is heavy tax burden, which they claim puts them under unfair competition in the global market.
For example, in Japan, the maximum amount of deduction for the acquisition cost of asset had been limited to 95% until recently, while the full depreciation is possible in many other countries. The taxation system reform in 2007 is going to admit the full depreciation in some cases after a persistent plea by the Japanese business circle.

This sort of information helps me in deepening my understanding of Deferred Tax Accounting day by day. That’s good.
But the bad news is that I started lagging behind the study schedule again…
Before talking about Japan’s tax reform, I have to reform my manner of study and squeeze myself much harder (>_<)
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