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Hello again!

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Where to study?

Friday, March 10th, 2006
-------AUD:8/1  BEC:8/2   FAR:8/3  REG:8/4

*I have only 141 days to go before USCPA exam!


  I wrote yesterday that it’s regrettable that Anjo Kansai School is going to be closed soon.

the night view from the Anjo study room

  And I found a lot of USCPA bloggers share the same feeling with me. And our biggest concern is where to study from now on?
Nihao KT san reminded me that we can study wherever we are if we are ready to study in any situations. I agree with him. Followings are my tools that help me study when I’m outside.

1. Organizer notebook
a0050593_11165369.jpgI always consult my daily schedule with my organizer notebook (so-called SYSTEM TECHO) every morning. I’m putting many slips of Post-it memos on the daily refill page, each of which is a memo of USCPA exam; “exemption=$3,200”, “Involuntary Bankrputcy,$12,300, 3/12 creditors,” and so on.
  A slip that became very familiar with me is removed, but when I found my memory on the slip is fading away, then the slip is again put back on to the daily refill page.

2. Cell phone (sh901ic)
a0050593_11171861.jpgThis device can record the video directly from the TV. Of course I do it only for my self-study to comply with copy right law. I view it especially when I’m in such a crowded train, where I cannot open the newspaper nor the notebook; holding a cell phone in a hand doesn’t bother people around me on a car (of the train).

3. Bible size binders


The black one is for FARE and AUD, and the red one is for REG and BEC. Since it’s in bible size, I can carry them in my bag. The commutation train in the morning is packed with so many people and so I have to use cell phone to study, but it’s not so crowded when I’m on my way back home. So I can review the some topics on my way back home.

But I know the above introduced methods are just a complement of my main study, which I have to do with much concentration in a room, going over many MCQs and SIMs.
by nn_77 | 2006-03-10 10:39 | USCPA (general) | Comments(7)