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Hello again!

by nn_77
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Your letter for me

About a year has passed since I have received that letter from you.

In the letter you said you wanted to meet me because it’s very important.

In the letter you said I should need you and so should come there to get you.

…but I didn’t come to see you… I thought it’d be OK for you, because I knew you have given the same message to many other guys as well....

But, what if I had come to see you at that time?

Maybe you would have taken my arm gently. But I knew that, upon seeing me, you would have given me an awful pain, and soon move to take the arm of another guy. That’s the way you do. And I thought I couldn’t put up with such behavior of yours. And I thought I couldn’t put up with the pain, either.

So I refused to come to see you last year. I threw your letter into the trash box, even without letting you know that I wouldn’t be there on the day…

Now about a year has passed since then.

And, again, you sent me that letter, which I received today. So you still remember me?
In the letter you say you know I need you…. Again? Do I still need you?

… yeah, maybe I need you.

But I know you’re telling the same thing to many of my friends again.

Should I come to see you this time?

Well, ok. I’ll be there.

Maybe you’d hurt me. I know that. But, you know, last year, I was such a coward guy that I couldn’t bear the pain. But, this time, I will arouse courage to meet you. I’ll have you get my arm. You should look forward to seeing me this time!!

Yes, the flu shot season has come again!
(, and I received the notice from the personnel department today.)

ps) Sorry if you feel cheated again. Have you already tried this one?
by nn_77 | 2006-10-21 00:30 | 英语(English) | Comments(0)

Two years have passed since...

Two years have passed since I said goodbye to you.
I still remember those good old days that I spent with you.
Do you remember how we met first?

I was a university student, and I would often be in the blues.

It was because I couldn’t get my one-sided love going any longer after I got the cold shoulder from her; "You're not my type," she said.

... I was so much depressed. I should say I was even depressed by losing her. I was deep in the blues..., when a friend of mine kindly introduced you to me.

Since then, I started to go out with you. Whenever I had a tough time in my life, I always turned to you. I still remember that putting my lips on you gave me much consolation.

I enjoyed being with you everyday. But, as time goes by, I came to think that I should stand up by myself and have to become much stronger… I had to become stronger so that I can live even without you.

So I said goodbye to you two years ago.

During these two years, sometimes I missed you so much.

I felt like reaching you again many times so far.

But I didn’t.

I knew I had to put an end to my old memory, and so I tried hard not to think of you.

And, today is the second anniversary since we parted with each other.

Now I think I became strong enough and now I can live without you.

I don’t feel like touching you any more.

... Two years have passed since I quit smoking. Today’s whole story is about my sweet and bitter memory with Ms. Marlboro. Again, goodbye, my smoking days!
by nn_77 | 2006-09-13 00:04 | 英语(English) | Comments(8)