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感冒means “catch a cold” in Chinese.
Yes, I got a bad cold at the very end of this fiscal year. Too bad.
I wish it’s not flu.
I had no choice but to come to the office. So I crawled out of the bed and went to the office. Now I cannot remember exactly what I did in the office today, but it seems I’ve done what I was supposed to do today.
Well, I gotta have a rest today at home.
by nn_77 | 2008-03-31 22:57 | miscellaneous

Bad cold?

Today I made it back to Tokyo.
It seems I’m getting a bad cold. Maybe it’s because I went to bed with my hair wet after taking a bath.
I purchased a small bottle of cold medicine and took three tablets upon arriving home.
I hope it’d take effect as soon as possible…
by nn_77 | 2008-03-30 22:49 | Memories
Since I was back to Osaka, I stayed at my parents’ home last night. And my father took me to sea-fishing, and my mother followed us. It was as if we were enjoying a limited time that we can share together as long as possible. I know that I cannot be with them so long in the rest of my life. Since I started working in Tokyo, it became much more difficult for me to see my parents. And it’s quite possible now that I’ll work overseas near future, in which case it’d be far more difficult for us to share the same time together. We didn’t talk about that. But I guess we felt that way in our bottom of our minds. That’s why we spend the weekend that way together.

The fishing was successful itself and we got a lot of bream. My father and my mother cooked them well at home and I really enjoyed them.

I don’t know what I can do for them from now on in my life.
But I shall never forget my gratitude to them. Never.
by nn_77 | 2008-03-29 22:37 | Memories

Coming back

Today I made a business trip to my hometown. It’s the second time since I moved to Tokyo. Walking around Osaka during the day, I realized that Osaka is still much familiar to me than Tokyo. But I was too busy to fall into sentimentality remembering those good old days.
Now the business I’m dealing with became much larger than before. It was so sad to leave my country home month ago, but now I realized that I have to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and challenge things in a large capital.
That’s why I challenged USCPA exam yeas ago. I gotta keep that in mind.
by nn_77 | 2008-03-28 22:26 | 仕事

Eat outside & study outside

Since my wife went back to her parents' hometown to prepare for her first delivery about a month ago, I've been living alone. Besides, the workload at the office has been increasing since then and I often work overtime till late night.
As a result, I have a dinner outside almost everyday.

Today wasn't an exception, and I took a dinner at my favorite Ramen noodle restaurant nearby my home.


Besides, I took a bowl of fried rice with a glass of beer and a textbook for the exam of securities broker representative. (I'm already qualified for that, but I gotta apply for a higher level this time.)


by nn_77 | 2008-03-27 23:26 | 仕事
A guy’s behavior pissed me off yesterday but I wasn’t courageous enough to bring myself out to complain to him. Today it turned out, however, that he didn’t mean it at all when he behaved in such a manner.
After all, things are complicated here in this world and so I cannot be sure of anything just judging from the surface of things. Even when things look so terrible, there must be some reason for that. It’d be easy to get angry or complain about it without giving a thought about it. But I learned again that I shall give a second ( or even third )thought before I easily come to conclusion.
And I should make my biggest effort to understand the other. 相手を最大限に理解することが大切で、if I skipped that process, then my speech would be pointless no matter how I could be eloquent about the issue.
by nn_77 | 2008-03-26 01:06 | 仕事

yawping (愚痴)

It at times happens that I feel as if I were betrayed by those whom I've trusted for a long time when I am treated in such an unexpected manner. But it’s just that I was just more dependent on those people than I should actually be. When I take their sincerity and kindness for granted, I feel as if I were betrayed when I lose them. I should be aware that I feel that way because I took it for granted.

After having sucha an experience again today, at first, I thought I was angry with those people, but now I have realized that I’m angry with myself. I shall be much stronger and tougher so as not to be dependent those people. I’ll never have them mock me again. Never.
I shall know much more about myself in order to keep myself improving until I can be the one who can be proud of myself.

by nn_77 | 2008-03-25 23:29 | 仕事

Early Bird Again?

今朝は2時半(a.m.)起きです。 仕事と勉強の為に早起きしました。


Now, I've completed a sheet of document for two of the new projects.
Ah, now it's 3:30. I gotta start studying.

Again, it seems it's better to get up early in the morning than to stay up till late night. It's very quiet early in the morning and so you can concentrate on things.

I used to study for USCPA exam in such a manner.
And I'm resuming the habit again.


I have recently received e-mail messages from two of my USCPA study friends. One is to report to me her final success in the USCPA exam. The other was from another friend telling me she's gonna try another challenge for one last section.
The two reports might sound very different from each other. Still they moved my mind in the same way; they're both working hard for the target in their life. Why not join them again? Such an idea drived me to wake up early in the morning again.


But, I hope I'll keep myself working hard this way until my friends get to the goal.

朋友, 一起加油吧!
by nn_77 | 2008-03-24 03:44 | USCPA (general)


It is often said, in Japan, you can enjoy four seasons in a year.
But I'd say you can also enjoy a period of transits between two seasons, feeling a season's turning to another. When in transit between two seasons, you'll think about the forthcoming season with your heart filled with excitement and joyful expectation. And the wind brings a scent of the forthcoming season, and the smell of the scent reminds me of what I was doing around the same period last year. It's like turning a page of album in my memory, remembering the past events in my life.
Cherry blossoms are now blooming and the scent of spring is lifting up my spirits. What’d be on the next page this year? I hope I can do my best so as to put a lot of wonderful & memorable pictures on the pages of my album in heat.
by nn_77 | 2008-03-23 22:06 | Memories
今日は仕事でFARとBECを活かすことができました (^_^)

USCPAって、よく、簿記1級くらい(or less than that)と言われます。確かに、日本のでは、それくらい(or less)でしょう。簿記1級ほど仕訳は細かくありませんし、基本的な事柄が多いです。でも、JGAAPとは異なるリース会計や合併会計の勉強が簡単にできたのはUSCPAのお陰かもしれません。

あと、簿記1級だとまさに財務会計・管理会計、の世界ですが、USCPAだとBusiness Law、Finance、Auditについても勉強することができます。これらの見識は非常に役立っています。そういう意味では数ある「~士」の資格の中でも、Generalな知識を身につけることができる資格だと思います。そして、Generalゆえ、汎用性が高い、というか、いろんな場面で知識を応用することができると思います。ま、裏を返せば、各分野における「専門性」はさほど高くないかもしれません。


by nn_77 | 2008-03-11 23:12 | USCPA (general)