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Hello again!

by nn_77
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I studied with sincerity and much concentration

till 2:00 a.m

= I'm sleepy...

发:fa 1
become, get (a verb, which is used to describe the change of the state)

困:kun 4
I'm not sure about the class of this word here in this context.
Adverb? (sleepy) or, Noun? (drowsiness), or Verb? (become sleepy)

Any info on this is appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help.

By the way,


(长 cahng 2··· long)

= I'm supposed to join in a long meeting tomorrow.

I've gotta try hard to stay awake

not to nod off in the thick of the meeting

by nn_77 | 2005-10-31 12:17 | 汉语

Motivation Crisis

I had spent the precious time purposelessly again this weekend.
How many times have I repented my stupid deed? Every of my determination rings hollow now. I've got sick of it. I know I don't have much time left now and so I have to do every mortal thing to pass the exam. Or I'd cry over my stupidity on the fatal day.

I shouldn't moon over anything counterproductive. But I'm such an easy quitter, anyway. I know myself well. I'm a goldbrick. Well, it's easy to rain insult after insult on myself. though it doesn't solve anything.

In the end, my conclusion always goes, "Now I have only to plug away at my study of USCPA. That's all. If you cannot do it, you cannot achieve anything in your life."

I'm much behind my plan. Now I don't even remember what was my plan. All I can do is, if any, to take any precautions so that things won't take a turn for the worse, which means I have to take a sudden turn to improve the situation.

I have to put forward all the schedule. So I'm going to refrain from having a finger in every pie. I'll concentrate on only USCPA and Chinese with my sheer determination, and I'll get USCPA next May. Sounds like a pie in the sky? You'll see.
by nn_77 | 2005-10-30 15:56 | USCPA (general)

竞争对手 / competition

J, my old friend, is now trying hard to develop his career into a new field.
We used to emulate each other in our university days.

After graduation, we went into different fields: He got into a publication / journalism field, and I went into fincancial business.

We've been in touch with each other ever since. But I had been almost losing the sence of competition by the lapse of time, until I got a notice from him that he's preparing himself for a new career.

Now I'm making a lofty challenge against USCPA exam. If I leave myself running at the current lazy pace, I'd fail.

All right. Here I'll set him as my competition again. Whenever I'm inclined to any temptation or my lazy mind, then I'll remember him. Competing him, I'm gonna make it to my goal, definitely!!

竞争对手 jing·zheng 4-1 dui·shou 4-3 competition
by nn_77 | 2005-10-29 00:23 | USCPA (general)

Made it to the last train...

(I had to visit the head offices of Suntory and NTT West to have a meeting.)

And I had to visit some more companies to have a discussion over my project. It was 18:30 when I got back to the office, when I saw a pile of documents beckoning me!!

It was 11:50 when I returned the last email which was an urgent request for the data of the office's official website.

I dashed out of the office and haild a cab for the station.

I just made it to the last train...

Although I sneaked some time for study in the daytime, I couldn't study at night. Sorry!!
by nn_77 | 2005-10-28 17:58 | 仕事

US consulate

Today I went to US consulate in Osaka, which is at Umeda-Shinmichi (usually called "Ume-shin."
I had never visited such a place before, so I was a bit excited. The security was very tight, and I had to undergo a rigorous body check and have my backpack screened. I had some stationaries in the backpack, so I deposited my entire baggage in the custody and took only the application form which I had to get notarized. I was directed to go up onto the forth floor, where I paid the charge with a credit card. After I finished the settlement, a Japanese officer took my application form, asking for the purpose of notary. After I explained that it's for USCPA exam, he told me to wait in the room for a minute. Several minutes later, a caucasian appeared. He was the notary public.

NP: Notary Public
nn: me

NP:"Mr. nn?" (, looking around the room)
nn:"Yes" ( I stood up.)
NP:"So, you know what's written here?"
NP:"Ok. Then, sign here, and put the date beside your signature."
nn:"Ok...... " (filled in, and hand it over to him.)
NP:"Ok. Please wait for a minute."

Then he came back and returned the notarized application form to me, saying "Good luck on the exam!"
"Thank you," so I said.

It was all about it. I got into the consulate building at 3:00 p.m. and got out of it at 3:10. It was much simplier than I had expected!

I was glad that the notary public wished me good luck. But I know good luck is of no use to pass the exam.

I have to study harder, harder, and harder so that I can pass the exam without turning to my poor luck.
by nn_77 | 2005-10-27 18:48 | USCPA (general)
在公司我最近很忙, partly because I'm again getting involved in many varieties projects again, and mostly because I'm obedient to the surpervisors whimsical orders, which often appears out of the blue.
Upon his request, full of whims again, today I had to cancel what I was planning to do in the afternoon and instead had to visit a client's office in the Habis Ent building to have a meeting.
Since the place was pretty much close to Anjo school, I went to Anjo school after the meeting. It was around 18:00. I stayed there working 28 MCQs of FARE. SFAS 问题很难, because the descripiton in the problem sometimes sounds very tricky. 我觉得我要学习更多。 It was good, anyway, spending sometime there in Anjo school. 在那里我有点儿紧张, and so I can concentrate on the subjects.
I'm going to take a day off tomorrow. I'm going to the US consulate for notarization on my exam application form. It's a bit exciting.

Todays "More" is about Distribution rules of PS vs. S-corporation

by nn_77 | 2005-10-26 09:04 | >REG

Requisition for PERFECTION

Today I reviewed the requisition for PERFECTION (one of the USCPA exam topics).

The difference between ATTACHMENT & PERFECTION is important, which knowledge was vital when I was working in a credit control section in a bank.

I was in a section where my role is to watch the procedures taken by a team called SERVICER, whose mission is to collect bad loans and increase the share of the secured loan credit in the non-performing loan. Sometimes I prevented them from lending an additional fund for the working capital without perfecting the collateral by mistake, which happened when they made a poor scheduling with a judicial scrivener or when they took a careless proceeding in a stupid hasty.

As a matter of exam topic, secured interests on collateral get perfected when

(1) Filing a financial statement, or
(2) the collateral is in the possession of the secured party, or
(3) it was perfected upon ATTACHMENT

a) Name the two possible cases of Automatic PERFECTION
b) When does such an automatic PERFECTION above get denied?

For answers, click the "More" below!

by nn_77 | 2005-10-25 21:00 | >REG
我在这个博客里开始学习汉语, because 我可以用简体字 here on excite blog, which wasn't possible when I tried in other blog servers.

Another thing I'm now committed to is the preparation for the USCPA exam.

Chinese and USCPA are both impregnable to me.

My prep for USCPA got started two years ago, and Chinese six months ago.

I've been struggling with these, which records I kept on the other blog site.

I got thwarted there for some reason, partly because the blog server couldn't deal with Simplified Chinese, which is now possible here.

I'll get a fresh start here.

(A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. )
by nn_77 | 2005-10-24 01:09 | 汉语