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Hello again!

by nn_77
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Suffering from a cold...

I got a cold a week ago and it's still lingering. My two-week vacation started yesterday but I'm still suffering from a hard cough... There are a lot of things that I want to do (& have to do) during this vacation, and so I really wanna get over this cold as soon as possible.
I'm worried that my 4 month- year old daughter may catch my cold.
by nn_77 | 2008-08-12 10:15 | miscellaneous

I'm back.

I've been away from PC and I'm now finally back here.
It was because I've been busy with business. And it was also because my PC crashed the other day.

I bought a new one on my way back home from the office at night. (Bic Camera stores are open till 22:00. That's a great help! )

I bought FMV BIBLO-NF/A75. That's a notebook PC with a ten-key pad and a WEB-camera. I'm thinking of using the skype service with this new PC. My parents live far away from me and I don't have a chance to have them meet my daughter. So, I'll buy them a WEB camera with a microphone when I visit them next time, and tell them how to use them so as to communicate over the TV phone, through which they can see their granddaughter whenever they like!

My summer vacation has just started. I have two weeks off this year. I have to re-organize a lot of things around me again during this Summer vacation; re-setting PC environment, resuming physical excersise to lose weight, updating my blog more often, which I've been updating very occasionally now, restarting my studgy of Chinese, and so forth.

Wow I'm gonna be busy during the summer vacation, too!
by nn_77 | 2008-08-11 12:39 | miscellaneous

Have to be tougher

I think I’m mentally fragile compared to others in this field of business. Such a vulnerable mind of mine helped me see through the mind of others and understand what they feel in the circumstance.
This part of my character gave an impact to many parts of my life so far: both good things and bad things. But, after all, now I think I should be much tougher.
Looking back my past, I can remember so many situations where I should have been able to help people if I had been much tougher then. I regret over those days even now. Maybe I cannot forget it forever.
I strongly feel I have to be tougher so as not to repeat the same mistakes any more.
It’s really tough. But I have to. I should do my best and shall face and get over the difficulties without trying to escape from them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to improve myself and would keep troubling people.

Below is a passage that I still keep in mind.

求めないで 優しさなんか 臆病者(おくびょうもの)の 言いわけだから
「贈る言葉」 武田鉄矢作詞・千葉和臣作曲 より

Never turn to kindness: that’s just a warm blanket behind which cowards hide.
by nn_77 | 2008-05-29 13:10 | miscellaneous

Good day

Today, since the morning, I’ve decided to leave the office early and so processed the work as quickly as possible, and finally finished the work earlier than usual, leaving the office without working overtime so long. Though I left the office earlier than usual, it seems I processed much more documents than usual. That’s the way it should be in business!
On my way home, I was caught in the heavy rain. In order to the rain, therefore, I dropped in at a massage service place. It was a place to provide a manipulative treatment and the massager said my backbone is distorted somehow. I got a 60 minute massage for 7,000 yen. It worked and I felt my body became lighter than before.
By the time I was leaving the massage place, the rain had stopped.
I hope things would go as well as today everyday.
by nn_77 | 2008-05-19 23:25 | miscellaneous

Had better be more Skeptic

I was watching a TV program today. It was about a false charge case.
It was an incident that was reported a several months ago and I remember I saw that news then. When I heard about the terrible news, I didn’t doubt the case because a series of horrible crimes had been reported in those days and I just thought the case is also one of them.
But, today’s program revealed that it was a false charge and the truth was totally different from what was reported first.
Media’s report could be wrong. Yes, I should know of it. I myself once worked with journalists when I was working as a staff on loan in such an institution, and found that journalists’ report could be incorrect because they are pressed between preciseness of the info and the deadline of the report. I’m not working with them now, but even now, when I find an article about financing business in newspaper, I sometimes find those articles are wrong or misleading.
Today I realized that it happens not only in newspapers or TV news, but also in many parts of our daily life.
Today I felt I have to be accustomed to think “what if this isn’t correct” at any time in my life. (Skepticism is not a privilege of auditor!)
by nn_77 | 2008-05-18 19:26 | miscellaneous


因为最近我的房间太乱了, 所以我今天要舒服东西。
我爱人和我小宝宝月末回来家。That’s why today I cleaned many parts of my house.
Since the rooms were all so messy, I felt very comfortable when I finished cleaning them up. I have to be careful not to scatter things around again in my room…

I looked up the word for “baby” in Japanese-Chinese dictionary, and found that the baby is 小宝宝 in Chinese. I thought that’s so wonderful to call baby 小宝宝, because 小(xiao) means “little” or ”small” and 宝(bao) means treasure or very valuable things in Japanese and perhaps in Chinese, too.
by nn_77 | 2008-05-17 19:13 | miscellaneous

Plum liquor

My mother is good at making Plum liquor. When she makes it, she put it in a bottle and sends it to me. I’ve been enjoying a glass of plum liquor when I got home.
Several months have passed since I started drinking it, and finally, now the plum liquors ran out. Now, only plum fruits remain in the bottle. Now I’m pick one out of the bottle when I’m back home and have a bite of it. It tastes good. But I’m wondering if there’s some other way to eat it, though I haven’t figured it out yet..
by nn_77 | 2008-05-14 18:12 | miscellaneous

Thought about Tokyo in Japan

When I was working in Osaka, I used the word “Japan” to refer to my country. But, recently, when I’m talking with people in other countries over the phone, I’m now using the word “Tokyo” for the same meaning, subconsciously.

When I was working in Osaka, I thought Osaka’s businesses are as significant as those in Tokyo. But, after I started working in Tokyo, I realized that many of those things related to our business are so much concentrated in Tokyo. Such an extreme concentration of business isn’t so good for the country. When we see U.S. or European region, they have several areas with unique strength in a country or in a region. Japan shouldn’t concentrate things on Tokyo so much, and rather it should find the way to stimulate local regions’ economy and autonomy.

When we do business in a society, we cannot do anything alone and things are achieved by the cooperation with a lot of people. The same thing applies to the management of the country. What one capital can do is quite limited. Tokyo cannot achieve the restoration of the Strong Japan by itself. That should be achieved by the cooperation of a group of regions in Japan.

p.s. Above is just a memo of my feeling. I’m not running for any election.
by nn_77 | 2008-05-13 18:04 | miscellaneous

What a mess!

Since I’ve been busy with one thing or another, I haven’t spare time to manage things at home and naturally the rooms are messy…

I don’t like things are messy on and around my desk at the office and put things in order all the time, because, when it comes to business, things are to be well organized to conduct business in such a precise manner. But, it’s not the case at home. Things are scattered here and there…

I have to clean up the room in the weekend. Otherwise…
by nn_77 | 2008-05-08 16:58 | miscellaneous


In Japan, the Golden Week has started; Golden Week is a period when we have a series of holidays in Japan. We’ll have holidays till Tuesday. My wife is still staying at her parents home with our daughter, which is hundreds miles away from here. So this is a kind of good opportunity for me to think of various things alone.





by nn_77 | 2008-05-04 00:08 | miscellaneous