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Hello again!

by nn_77

2008年 08月 13日 ( 1 )


Three days have passed since my vacation has started this week.
Today I went to the City Hall to renew my driver’s license. It didn’t take more than an hour until I received a new driver’s license card after taking a lecture of traffic safety.

When a video was played in the lecture, all the participants in the classroom were very serious. And so was I. The film was about the stories of perpetrators of traffic accidents: some were drunk behind the wheel and ran ran over a little boy, killing him, and others were using a cell phone and lost control of the wheel by mistake and injured pedestrians. Those who were interviewed in the film were very regretful about their mistake. But no matter how much they might regret their actions, those lives lost in those accidents will never come back again. I swore to myself that I’ll never do such a stupid thing when I’m driving a car.

It’s not only when we’re driving a car that we have to discipline ourselves. There are so many situations in our everyday lives where we have to be careful enough not to mislead ourselves. I have to watch out so as not to harm other people by my wrongdoings.
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