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Hello again!

by nn_77

2005年 12月 07日 ( 1 )

TODAY'S RESULT / TOTAL to date since Dec 4, 2005
・The number of questions covered: 58 / 98
・Rate of Correct Answers:
   FARE 17/28:60%  AUD 10/12:83% TAX ---%
   Govt-NPO ---% MA ---% Law ---%
・Hours dedicated for study: 3:20/ 8:00 hours


Leaving the office at 22:00, I arrived home at 23:30. Not only phisically tired after hectic programing task at office, I was mentally exhausted after wrangling over a Capital Budgeting issue with an officer...
Upon arriving home, I had a dinner and took a bath. It was 0:50. I didn't feel like sitting at the desk for study tonight, though I recognized I had to... Finally I flung myself onto the bed...


Some hours later, I awoke for a glass of water. I had a glance at the clock on the wall. It was 5:00am. I could study for 2 hours before leaving for the office, if I get started now.


Then I sat at the desk, opening the files of Willey. I solved 28 MCQs from FARE, and 10 from AUD.

I'll do more tonight.

Can I save the life of Serinuntius before sunset?
by nn_77 | 2005-12-07 06:26 | USCPA (general) | Comments(2)