Have to manage time to study!

TODAY'S RESULT / TOTAL to date since Dec 4, 2005
・The number of questions covered: 0 / 98
・Rate of Correct Answers:
   FARE --/---: ---%  AUD --- /--- :---%
TAX 5/10: 50%  BEC 10/16: 62%
・Hours dedicated for study: 3:20/ 13:40 hours


My major professional assignment at my current workplace is to design a website of my office. So, basically, I don’t go out of the office in the daytime. But, recently, I got assigned another special project, which requires a big cooperation from many organizations and companies. To visit those offices, located in various cities, or even in many prefectures, I’m out of the office daytime, and stay at the office at night to do my major task of html works.
In order to spare some time for my USCPA study, I intentionally make the appointments in such a way that I can study at a cafeteria between those appointments. But, anyway, I cannot spend no longer than 30 to 40 minutes. So I have to study till late night (or early morning) to study enough.
But I’ve gotta work as a coordinator in a year end drinking party tomorrow, namely Kanji! Don’t forget to study at night, nn!


by nn_77 | 2005-12-12 09:15 | 仕事 | Comments(0)