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    Today I joined in a seminar on Personal Information Protection Law held by the company I originally belong to. That company does its business in the financial industry, so the standard required by the company to treat Personal Information (PI) is pretty much higher than the one required under the recently enacted law.

    The lecturer said PI is as important as cash, and that mistreating PI is as inexcusable as misappropriating the company's cash or property. This is the commonsense of all the employees, including me. I'm proud of being one of them.

    Although I'm dispatched from the company to my current workplace, I'll keep the pride with me, and keep being as rigorous with myself as before. Actually I've been doing so in the current workplace.

    How about my USCPA study? --- Any continence?

No, I cannot be proud of myself on that. I have to be as acerbic in my USCPA study, too. I really have to.


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