An early bird after a while

It's been a four day consecutive holidays in Singapore.
Being so susceptible to the stress from the work, I was already starting to feel tensed from the night of the last day.
That eventually made me an early bird this morning, getting me to come out of the bed at 3:00 am.

Surfing on the internet in a silent room in the early morning, I came across with the site below.

First I was attracted to the site as I found this TED’s website gives movies of the speech with the transcripts of those speeches, a useful tool to English learners.

But, keeping listening to his speech, which began with his tough time in the prison camp in America as a Japanese American of those days, I realized that the difficulty that I feel I have is not such a “real” difficulty of life, compared to those that people could face in their lives.


by nn_77 | 2016-02-10 05:56 | Comments(0)